The sound of China 中国之声

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The sound of China 中国之声

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Hi everyone, 大家好 I’m Cee-Roo, a 30 years old videographer and music producer from Switzerland. I love to record all kind of daily sounds and mix them as a musical soundtrack that highlights different aspects of a country, through its sounds. 我是cee-roo, 今年30岁,我是一名来自瑞士的视频制作者和音乐制作人。我喜欢去记录每天生活里各种各样的声音并且把它们混在一块做一个富有音乐性的音频并通过其中的声音去凸显出每个国家多样且与众不同的方面。 I was called by a Chinese company to work on this video and felt really honoured and excited about this. 这次我是受邀与中国的团队一起去完成这个视频,感到很荣幸和兴奋。 After 14 days spent shooting, I came back home with lots of footages of beautiful places, incredible sounds and most of all amazing people. 我们花了十四天去进行拍摄,当我带着素材回到家时,发现拍的都是些非常漂亮的地方建筑特色,同时收集到了令人难以置信美妙的声音,当然还有那些让我感到惊喜的人们。 I hope you’ll like this video as much as I liked doing it. 我希望你会喜欢这个视频就像我对这个视频所付出的热爱。 Cheers, Cee-Roo 同时你也可以在youtube和instagram上关注我: 谢谢